Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A shortened story

We arrived at the labs and marched in, the commander stopped us and gave us basic directions. We were then given permission to explore the building but not outside yet. I didn't really care for exploring much but I did it anyway because I wanted to find where I would be working. After a few minutes I found what I assumed to be the main lab and also the apartments. I wonder when we will be assigned our rooms...
"Hey kids, is it just me or is the clock a little past nine"
"aawwww, grandpa! We're not tired yet!"
"Well I sure am, I think I'm getting too tired to tell a story, should we continue tomorrow?"
"Ok grandpa, goodnight"

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Farewell for now

*shluuurp* "Ah, much better, now where were we? Oh yes Dave had just...well for lack of a better word, assaulted our main character and was now satisfied and returning to his post, I think a paragraph went missing there but it will have to do. I shall now continue narrating, feel free to forget I am here and not give me any credit."
After we received our "addresses" I shall call them, we marched off single file like ordered. It was very quiet and dull but a nice change from the usual hubbub of the place. While enjoying the quiet I watched some co-workers with purple dots begin erecting a scaffold, that makes five classes I know. Black, barely noticeable if there at all is the jack of all trades. Yellow are the commanders and overseers, an easier job but very taxing on the mind and in my opinion under appreciated. Purple, one of the hardest working but probably the most friendly chaps. Red, the strong but not silent type and last but not least my kind. Blue, the sciencey quiet ones that you shouldn't judge by their cover, quite sociable when accepted.
We passed camp after camp and after passing a few bigger ones only the red and blues were left. We arrived at the science lab and the reds saluted their pals as we parted ways (you see after we had gotten farther away from the main building the sergeant in charge told everyone to bond a bit, we wouldn't have much of a chance for a while, since the reds and blues were the last ones marching around we naturally made a few acquaintances).

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Dave pounces

"Hey there!" He exclaimed. I was rather surprised that someone was addressing me as I certainly didn't know anyone.
"Hey I'm just going around and asking everyone that looks nice if they would allow me to become an apprentice or just watch. Unlike most other ants here I like all the skills and have a basic knowledge of them all, don't know why but who cares. It fits my personality. Always doing something new and always learning new things. Oh by the way my names Dave."
"Well nice to meet you Dave." I said, I was rather astounded by the rate the words were coming out of his mouth. And not incomprehensibly either, they were so loud and clear you could almost feel the vibrations of his exuberant voice! "
"Grandpa whats ex-exhubarint?" asked one of the grand-ants.
"Well dear, it's kinda like you, loud, excited and very energetic." The little ant giggled then snuggled back into her leaf blanket while he continued."
*YAWN* "oh excuse me, sorry, talking with this many adjectives sometimes makes me yawn. Yes, yes i know you thought grandpa ant was the narrator but who do you think added all the intros to the characters and the story? Me. Who gave you all the interjections to make sense of the story? That would be me again, the narrators never get any credit. And why don't I have a narrator hmm? that way I could get a cup of coffee... oh wait... I can. The story can't go anywhere without me so I can just do what I want! Scratch that then, I'll be right back and so will the story.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The many classes

I finally started to become less groggy shortly after Micah left to go to his post. It was an interesting feeling knowing that I had no choice on my career path, I was forced into the life of a scientist.
Just then the same same ant that had taken my information down came walking through yelling, "Everyone to the main building for orders, everyone to the main building for orders!"
as he walked past I noticed he had a yellow dot on his head, I didn't know what that meant but it brought the class count to three. After looking around for a moment just to get my bearings I headed off towards the main hall as was everyone else. It was kind of exciting but I wondered how life would work, I didn't really remember anything about my old life so I didn't even know what I was supposed to do besides survive.
When we arrived they told us to line up next to the bottle with the color of our dots. Everyone did as they were told and soon I saw there were seven different lines. some of the colors I knew what they meant or could guess but others I had no clue. Just then I once again heard a voice behind me and turned around.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Meet Micah the Red

I turned around and there stood another ant... Actually I don't know what else could've been there. Anyway, there he stood, with a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye he introduced himself. "Hi stranger, I'm Micah!"
 "Well hello", said I.
"I dont know why we're here but I know what that spot means. It's a way of telling what your good at." explained Micah.
"What, how do you know what I'm good at?"
"I can tell by the paint spot, everyone has one. I don't know how whoever gave us them knew, but that's our skill set depending on the color. Personally I'm a red which means warrior. Supposedly the warrior um... For lack of a better word 'class' is strong even for ants and has faster reflexes. You are a scientist because your color is blue."
"I'm a scientist?" I asked. "I never even knew that myself."
 "There's only one or two that knew they had their skill set, it's almost as if they were forced on us. I don't really care though because I got the one that can get me out of here more efficiently if I choose." Micah said thoughtfully.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A new place and home.

When I woke up I was finally out of that darn cube. Another ant was going around kind of making a checklist. When became up to me he requested that I turn around, I was still too dazed to ask questions so I did it. After he wrote something on his little clip board he walked over in front of me and told me briefly what was happening.
"we've been transferred to a new city mate, no more cubes for us. Don't worry you'll wake up fully soon, they used a light sleeping gas so that you wouldn't wake up during the journey. Keep your chin up and stay close to the colony untill you understand what's happening." he pointed to a small oddly shaped crate like box with ants bustling all about. "they were transferred a little earlier so their grogginess already wore off, good luck" he explained then walked off.
Well since I'm here I don't have to worry about that darn lab anymore I suppose... Why did he ask me to turn around? I thought to myself. As I stretched I bumped against the back of my head and felt a rough spot. Directly in the middle lfthe back of my head was a tiny paint drop. "I hope they explain this all later" -I apparently said out loud  to myself.
"I as well" said a voice behind me.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A hallway with no purpose

"I tried talking to the others but no one could hear me, after walking around my cell for awhile I sat in a corner and just went to sleep. When I woke up I was being carried to the next room I was very nervous, what did I do? Why was I being moved? They set me down in a narrow dark area with many openings (it reminded me of an ant hill but it had no roof), they opened my cell and I cautiously crept out after smelling the air, I caught a whiff of something good. As soon as I got out of my glass container I smelled it much stronger and realized I was starved! I scurried as fast as I could towards the smell... Dead end, who would put a wall in the middle of a hallway? I tried climbing over it but it was much too slippery. I turned around and tried the next path, the smell grew stronger and stronger then another dead end! -I wasn't very happy by this time- I tried pushing it, no luck. I tried digging under it, the ground was too hard. I turned around and sped towards the last path, I knew this had to be it, it was the only option. After a few quick turns and passing afew obviously wrong routes I reached a morsel of orange. It was just a little old but to me it looked like heaven."
"I thought haven looked like..." shouted out the trouble maker.
 "shh" interrupted an older grandant (surprisingly the little trouble maker listened for once). Grandpa seemingly not noticing rambled on," After a snack -more like a meal I guess- I once again laid down for a nap.